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Formica provides the ultimate solution to all your surface requirements from counter tops to walls and table surfaces. Formica Laminate is produced with cutting edge technology that has recently been revamped in order to provide the ultimate laminate solutions. Along with its high dependability and durability Formica Laminates also come in a wide range of colours and designs that are sure to satisfy any home owner or commercial client.


STÄRKE Adhesives

Starke adhesives is a pioneer in providing solutions for all your construction and refurbishment needs. With an extensive range of adhesives suited for any surfaces ranging from plywood, veneer and laminate, our products are made to the highest of European D3 Standards. Our wood adhesives are more superior in water resistance and made to meet sustainable and ecofriendly demands of the current society.



If you are looking for the best option when it comes to giving your interior the ultimate finishing look no further than Europratik paneling. Europratik provides an extensive range of wall panels in a unique and never before seen designs that are sure to give your interior the makeover of a lifetime. Be it a home, a café or a commercial space Europratik is capable of catering to all your needs.


STÄRKE Adhesives

Founded in 1950 Starke Company has stepped in to provide the local market with the ultimate solutions for adhesives and emulsion polymers of international standard and affordable cost. We strive to keep innovation and consistency in providing high quality goods and services as the hall mark of our Company. The solutions that we provide our clients for their construction purposes are in line with the best of products and the newest technology that never will fail to impress.

STÄRKE - Water Resistant Wood Adhesive (D3)

STÄRKE - PV 7050

Formica Sheets


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